Bundle: Handmade Kaaba Musallah (Blue) + "How To Pray" Book + Qibla Arrow

Bundle: Handmade Kaaba Musallah (Blue) + "How To Pray" Book + Qibla Arrow

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This bundle contains the following 3 products: "How to Pray" book plus a handmade felt musallah with a Kaaba design (blue) and a Qibla arrow. Save R70 by purchasing this wonderful bundle for your mini Muslim!

How to Pray By Zanib Mian (Scholar Approved)

A delightful, easy step-by-step guide for mini Muslims (or even new Muslims) on how to perform the Islamic Prayer (salaah). A step-by-step guide for how to make ablution (wudu / wudhu) is also included. Zanib Mian's easy to understand explanations, make this book another must-have for Muslim Children.

"A novel and easy approach to learning wudu and prayer. Very practical and well illustrated. Imaginative and simple." - Dr Musharraf Hussain Al-Azhari OBE

Format: Paperback, 40 pages; Recommended ages: +6 years 

Handmade Felt Musallah

Beautiful, handmade, padded prayer mat / musallah for children.

Instil a love for prayer in children by encouraging them to pray on their own handmade, colourful prayer mat. The prayer mats are rich in detail and padded for extra comfort. This is the perfect gift for Ramadaan, Eid, birthdays, jalsahs or any other special occasions. Machine washable for your convenience. 

Material: soft felt (outer) with an inner sponge padding.

Dimensions: 84 cm x 45 cm; Cleaning instructions: machine washable

Qibla Arrow

Give your child’s room a reminder of salaah and the Kaaba with the Qibla Arrow. Find the direction of the Qibla using a compass and then attach the arrow to the ceiling or wall using an adhesive. Now you’ll never forget which way the Qibla is in your room, and it will be easy for guests to find the prayer direction too!

The Qibla Arrow measures 22cm in height and 12cm in width.


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