Dahlia & Ali Learn Great Ideas from Tiny Creatures

Dahlia & Ali Learn Great Ideas from Tiny Creatures

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by Binaye Blocks

Find out how “Dahlia & Ali Learn Great Lessons from Tiny Creatures” with this great interactive Toy+Book for your child, or for a loved one (Hey, even for yourself! Why not? We don’t judge).

Recommended ages: +3 years

Lessons from the Qur'aan
Numerous valuable lessons present themselves to us from just a single verse of the Qur'aan: This story focusses on an extract from the Qur'aan, in which an ant addresses an army of fellow ants.

Encourages Reading
The building instructions are seamlessly incorporated into the story, so children will be encouraged to read and find out how to assemble the toy. The story centres around 2 siblings, Dahlia and her younger brother Ali. Your child will accompany them on their holistic learning adventure!

Skills Development
This toy will boost your child's creativity, imagination and visualisation skills. Conjure up different scenarios for your child: How would the bridge look if a few more blocks or bars were missing? There's always room for a new challenge!

STEM Concepts
Binaye Blocks encourages children to get familiar with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Your child will learn about the following:

1) Civil Engineering: This is a rudimentary, first-principles take on understanding structures and stability.
2) Architectural Design: The number of ants will constrain your design and challenge your creativity.
3) Natural Science: Learn mind-blowing facts about Fire-Ants.

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