Islamic Occasions: Card Making Kit

Islamic Occasions: Card Making Kit

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A wonderful card making set will guarantee hours of creative fun for mini Muslims.

Card Making Kit includes:
18 Cards
18 Envelopes
180 Stickers

The set includes cards to create for various Islamic occasions, e.g. Eid Mubarak cards, or cards to say Jazahkhallakhayr, or cards to congratulate someone for completing the Quran! The set includes stickers with the following words: "Eid Mubarak", "Mubrook", "JazahkAllahkhayr" and "Mubarak", as well as stickers of fun images in various colourful designs, all of which can be used to decorate the card.

The card making set is packaged in a decorative box.

 Recommended Ages: 4+ years

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