Free Ramadan Journal [Printable to Download]

Free Ramadan Journal [Printable to Download]

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Click here to download the free Ramadan Journal printable.


1. How to download the PDF?
Click the link above to download the PDF.

2. Can you deliver hard copies of the Journal?
Unfortunately no. You will have to print out the Journal and bind it.

3. At what age can you use this Journal?
Typically at seven. However, some children may use it earlier with a little help. Others may not be ready even at seven. Completely depends on the individual child.

4. Can you distribute or print the Journal in bulk for classroom or Masjid use?
Yes you can. Please read the “Terms of use” on the last page of the Journal.

About the Journal

Ummi always wanted to make a meaningful Ramadan Journal for children.
Since her older child is now an independent reader, she had’ to make a journal for her for Ramadan. A journal that would enrich her Ramadan experience by increasing her knowledge about this blessed month as well as some basic concepts revolving around Ramadan. A journal that would also keep her occupied with interesting yet beneficial activities. Ummi wanted to give her each day a portion of ‘Ilm along with a cup of imaan, so that she benefits her soul in Ramadan just as Ummi does.

It took Ummi a couple of months to brainstorm, write, edit, design and put this journal together. Ummi has included topics that help build a foundation in her understanding of Ramadan such as explaining the pillars of Islam, what is Ramadan and how Quran is related strongly to this month, how was Quran revealed, why was it revealed, how do we to fast, why do we fast, what are the rewards of fasting, what is Laylatul Qadr, what is Sadaqah al-fitr, how to celebrate Eid, and so on.

To keep the journal fun and interesting Ummi also included a mini moon phase book, mind maps, Islamic stories with reading response, fast tracker, Ramadan calendar, good deeds chart, Ramadan journal prompts and much more.

We pray that it benefits her and all of you not just in Ramadan but also beyond the blessed month. Ameen.

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